Road Trips In Nigeria


road trips in nigeria


Road trips  in Nigeria hasn’t been associated with so much comfort and convenience. Infact, most travellers in Nigeria barely sleep while travelling. This isn’t because travellers don’t feel like observing such a key and essential part of our daily routine while on the road(or are immuned from such necessity which is needed cause of the hard graft and mental exertions  we give ourselves to everyday) but the sense of insecurities they feel won’t allow them to give expression to such feelings.  Even those who give room for quick naps are not free from this environment induced insomnia that comes with commuting in the country.  And this fear is justified due to the fact that there are bad drivers, theft issues and sense of insecurity prevalent in the environment. Travellers rarely have restful trips on the road. Instead, they all long for the refreshing moments that arriving safe at your destination brings.


According to the FRSC, monthly accidents range from 557 and 3,422 depending on which state of the federation you reside in January 2018.  We are not oblivious of these commuting risks and so with a sense of responsibility we have decided to provide services such as secure journey management and also set up monitoring systems to follow up the trips of our clients. The goal of this is to ensure you have the best of road trips experiences. We are so concerned about the safety and comfortability of your journey and we do our task with high level of professionalism.  Do follow this link  secure journey management to know more about this.


One of our primary goals is to keep taking the lead in our field and as such we believe in running consistent training for our staff.  Leaders are readers indeed! So we have different training programs lined up for our staff. To continually lead in our industry we open ourselves up to a lot of learning. Performance is a big word for us and that is a by product of continuous learning. Growth in any system is a direct result of growth in knowledge of their staff. Our employees have both career  and training goals. And so we always come up with training and development programs to help us retain the right people and grow profits. And so for our secure journey management offering, we leverage on the the experience of our staff and the expertise gathered via proper and timely training. We value your well being and your safety is paramount! So we train our team of drivers and commanders in both their key primary skills, including defensive driving and communication skills, incident management and first aid enabling them to respond effectively should something unexpected happen on your journey(or road trips).

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