Airport meet & greet for travellers

Meeting The Needs Of Travellers

airport meet and greet for travellersWe all have desperate times when we need someone to be there for us. This happens at different times and different places. One place where people experience such moments is the airport. Travellers always hope someone can come along and say a warm hello to them and help them around the airport after an hectic flight.

That said, preparing well for your trip is very important whether you are a business or pleasure traveller. We can handle your movement arrangement if it pleases you to have us take care of that burden. Infact, our meet and greet team are your surest bet to avoid movement issues that you so dread. We save you time and trouble. You can have an amazing experience with us right from the very point of arrival and at the point of you departing the country. Your journey can be hassle free and we are here to ensure that. Our team is hospitable, dependable and reputable. In the words of Bernard Kelvin “Consistently delivering on your promise reinforces trust.” This is our story at Pilgrims Africa! Our customers have built trust over the years with us based on our success,consistency and legacy.

This brings to mind the story of these three guys in the US who always waited at the arrival section of the San Francisco Airport and greet lone travellers. People were suspicious of their generous acts at first but later travellers were willing to share hugs with them and pecks after exchanging greetings. It is a known fact that people always appreciate someone who can identify with them in their lonely or tired moments. In fact, a particular grown man couldn’t hold his tears after being welcome by these amazing guys.

Equally, we have this “amazing” team that understand your feelings after arriving at an airport or at the point of exit and are ready to help. Our Airport Meet & Greet team doesn’t just show up to create an impression; they are equally there to let you know that they know the impact of a long journey on the body and mind. We will give you a proper welcome and greeting(we also give you the best goodbye as you exit ). We render necessary assistance to ensure you have easy passage through the airport. Inbound or outbound, our airport protocols assist with the daunting and difficult baggage handling processes and immigration processes. Kindly read more about our meet and greet service.

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