A security company is sensitive to risk

security company and secure journey management

A security company ensures that driving rules are observed by its drivers. We have heard different stories of selfie related deaths.  People put themselves in dangerous positions just to be able to take a picture and share on social media or simply to capture a special moment.

Read of a man in Eastern China who fell to his death from a 100 foot cliff while trying to take a picture. Though we can classify this as extreme, drivers also put themselves in dangerous corners while on the wheel on so many occasions.

Whether you are reaching for your back seat , grabbing a bite off your doughnut(which comes with the a fine in some western countries cause you are not in total control of the car anymore) or you are distracted by a phone call, your safety and that of those in the car with you is compromised.

A research carried out in Australia showed that 62% of drivers admitted engaging in some risky activities while driving with most common eating takeaway food. If such statistics hold in that part of the world Nigeria I believe isn’t exempted.

We have our own discipline issues behind the wheel. It has been discovered that eating behind the wheel is affects your attention just as texting while driving. This indiscipline on the part of drivers makes most journeys accident prone.

Here are few tips on things not to do while driving. You can call it the “5 commandments of driving.” These commandments are there so we don’t record accidents or casualties as a result of carelessness in driving.


  • Avoid eating
  • Avoid looking back
  • Avoid applying make up
  • No texting or picking of calls
  • No smoking behind the wheel


As a security company, Pilgrims Africa Limited is sensitive to this risk and we train our drivers so you can be safe on the road. Their discipline is driving but most importantly they are highly disciplined drivers who are passionate about their jobs and they approach it professionally. Our secure journey management service is a way of ensuring that you have smooth trips around the country. Our safe driver policy sure reduces the risk of road accidents.

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