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We have some safety tips here that will benefit you. As a traveler what comes to mind while making a trip at times is pleasure. So you go online surfing the net to see the best restaurant or hot spots around where you can have some fun. While I tend to disagree slightly with Aristotle when he said “The aim of the wise is not to secure pleasure, but to avoid pain” I equally believe that some pleasure is worth seeking as long as we don’t trade up our security in search of such.
However, the catch is while trying to have a fun filled trip by saving up restaurant or recreational centers numbers never forget to save up emergency numbers too. That is so critical! So in case of any robbery or security threating situation you can easily reach out for help.

Secondly, consider a situation where you are on a queue or somewhere to do some transactions but you just don’t feel comfortable bringing out your debit or credit cards because of the looks of people around but you go ahead and ignore the feeling for the sake of the urgency of the need. I have had the experience equally. In some moments that could be forgivable, but other moments we could fall into the hands of robbers for our sheer carelessness. So the advice is make online transactions a habit so you can order ahead and you can even avoid giving out sensitive information at counters where people can hear.

Lastly, while it is good to socialize and make friends while on your trip, be careful how you discuss your address or itinerary with strangers. You can’t just tell anyone about your lodge or commuting plans without being meticulous and intuitive enough. If we could have friends in masks then sure trusting strangers with sensitive information is something you don’t want to do. Let people earn your trust to a degree before being overly open to them.

Points to note :

  • Know Emergency numbers
  • Make Online transactions an habit
  • Be careful about making friends

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