Airport Meet & Greet Services

airport meet and greet

More Ease Less Stress

Our airport-meet-and-greet-services are tailored to ease your troubles through different airport processes. Arriving in foreign airports can be stressful. In-bound or outbound, let our airport protocol agents take away this stress and ensure you a smooth passage through the immigration and baggage handling process; stress free travel to and from your Pilgrims’ Commander responsible for your road journey. Having being trained on different stress management skills we are sure you will be looking forward to having a “Pilgrims Africa” experience.

Smooth Passage Through Immigration Processes

Foreign airports and immigration processes can be intimidating; especially for first time visitors to a country. Our Federal Aviation Authority of Nigeria licenced protocol staff will meet you or your travellers after you exit from the aircraft air-bridge and as you enter the airport immigration process and escort you through the system, ensuring a smooth and trouble free passage until hand over to the Pilgrims Commander responsible for your onward journey.
When exiting, our team will ensure your exit is stress free through the baggage check in, security checks and if required all the way to the departure check in desk and lounge. Enjoy a warm welcome powered by our meet and greet team!

How our “Airport Meet & Greet” works

airport meet and greet

  • Sign Card – We make it easy for you to recognize our drivers by the use of a sign card that shows our company logo and your name boldly written on it.
  • Escort – Your ease is our priority and so our escort team ensure you are not alone as you try to retrieve your baggage. We also escort you to the waiting area before you get picked up. You will always have the courtesy of our presence as you move around the airport.
  • Service Type – We provide exceptional one to one service. We adequately cater for small groups of travellers also.

departure airport meet and greet nigeria

  • Meeting Point – We could meet you right at the kerbside or the terminal depending on what works for you. Also, we are there to advise if you leave the decision to us.
  • Boarding – Our team of escort will be there as you head to the boarding gate and present at the waiting lounge before you catch your flight.

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