Night driving and personal security

  Sharp headlights landing on your eyes and you are about cursing at the oncoming driver? That seems like a usual experience of a night driver. Driving at night could be daunting and dangerous at the same time. Now let’s talk about the danger part. Driving at night especially after a hectic day at work […]

Safety tips for travelers

We have some safety tips here that will benefit you. As a traveler what comes to mind while making a trip at times is pleasure. So you go online surfing the net to see the best restaurant or hot spots around where you can have some fun. While I tend to disagree slightly with Aristotle […]

A Security Company View On Personal Security

A security company’s perspective to personal security Danger is always lurking around as sure as night and day. Regardless of the changing seasons certain things remain the same.  The exact spot you left moments back without getting hurt might witness some accidents or even deaths the next moment. Food or drink poisoning doesn’t just exist […]

Personal Security Tips

Security Tips As one of the foremost security companies in Nigeria, one of our core responsibilities is to ensure you stay safe. There are security tips we would share with you for your personal safety.  Though your phone battery or devices can be charged to 100%, there is nothing like being 100% secure. For example, […]