Training Services

Our training services are engineered towards ensuring we continually equip our staff with adequate knowledge needed for their task. Also, we encourage our staff to also undergo personal improvement practices so they can stand as a consultant on their own in due time. Managing and responding to an incident or crisis is becoming a necessary life skill. We train our staff to respond to such events and support a number of international companies prepare their staff for working in hostile and or fragile environments.

In association with our parent company, Pilgrims Group, we have access to a purpose built and extensive training Academy near Gatwick Airport in the UK along with an extensive portfolio of training courses.

If you are concerned about the safety of your international travellers going to hostile environments you may wish to consider our various training solutions that will help prepare and protect your staff from harm at home and abroad.Let us help train your staff and family to be prepared for the unexpected by checking out the options at our Training Academy in the UK.