our fleet

We own our own fleet and ensure they are regularly and well maintained, fit for purpose and always available. Our principle vehicle fleet consists of

  • SUVs ( Ford Explorers, Ford Expedition and Hyundai Santafe)
  • B6 Armoured vehicles (Chevrolet Suburban and Toyota Landcruiser) for the more hostile areas in the Northern and Southern states.
  • 13 Seater Cruiser Buses
  • Mini Buses (Hyundai 1i, Toyota Hiace)
  • Buses (Toyota Coaster)
  • SUV (Armed Escort Vehicles) – Twin Cab Pick Up Truck. e.g Toyota Hilux armed with Mobile Police,MOPOL

fleet management

As the sole agent for the internationally recognized and use C-TrackTM vehicle management system we can help reduce the costs and burden of managing your own fleet of vehicles and or trucks.

We can even provide trained drivers to operate your vehicles thereby reducing your staff overheads.

Our service is totally flexible to your needs and can include regular reports on driver behavior (offering real savings on maintenance costs), breaches of established protocols (including speeding and excess idling), deviation from established routes and recover of vehicles in case of theft or breakdown.

communications and tracking

All our vehicles have radio and mobile communications with our 24/7 operations centers and are all tracked throughout your journey with the C-TrackTM vehicle management and tracking system.

When required, we will provide you or your headquarters with regular updates on the movement of your travelers to give you the assurance needed to ensure their safety is being looked after.

In the event of a breakdown, accident or incident our proven communication system will ensure our nearest armed response team is deployed to the correct location quickly and efficiently.


We believe your safety is paramount and we train our team of drivers and commanders in both their key primary skills, including defensive driving and communication skills, incident management and first aid enabling them to respond effectively should something unexpected happen on your journey.

Dedicated drivers

Many of our clients wish to keep the driver we have allocated to them for a short-term task and we therefore offer the opportunity of a dedicated driver and or vehicle for your personal use; giving you total flexibility in the use of “your” driver and vehicle without the HR overheads.