Risk Management Consultancy

Whether it be a review of existing security measures or a security threat and risk assessment, we all need to know the risks we face and what we could do to manage those risks.

Let our experts give you the knowledge to make informed decisions on how to protect your assets.

In Pilgrims, we believe that security measures should always be designed to address specific risks; in this way, we believe the solutions will not only be sustainable and cost effective but often cheaper than measures implemented without the benefit of a thorough risk assessment.

We, both locally and internationally as Group, have considerable experience of identifying and managing risk in some of the world’s most challenging environments; from natural disasters (Hurricanes and Tsunamis) to war zones and civil disturbances.

We are therefore very well placed to provide you with subject matter experts to help you identify and manage the risks faced by you and your business.

Our services cover all sectors and given below is a list of our key areas of expertise.

  • Security risk assessments : Including use of electronic software- HawksightTM
  • Site security assessments and review
  • Business continuity management
  • Disaster recovery management
  • Incidence and crisis management – planning and training
  • Evacuation planning and training
  • Kidnap and ransom planning and response

Pilgrims, in association with HawksightTM offers our proprietary risk management system Hawksight for corporate and multisite application where risk management is a genuine senior management and Board level concern.

Our system, HawksightTM, is a world class and world leading ISO31000 compliant risk management software solution. Further details of the system and its benefits are available at via this link.