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Secure Journey Management - Pilgrims Africa Limited
Pilgrims Africa Limited (PAL) is a subsidiary of Pilgrims Group Limited (UK) and is a registered Nigerian company. The company formally opened their doors in 2007, in Lagos, although we have been active in this market since 2001 delivering high quality and cost-effective security solutions throughout Nigeria.

Our Services

Secure Journey Management
Road travel remains one of the highest risk activity throughout Nigeria, let our experienced local drivers and commanders, using reliable and well-maintained vehicles protect your staff and personnel when travelling throughout Nigeria.

Airport Meet & Greet
Arriving in foreign airports can be stressful. In-bound or outbound, let our airport protocol agents take away this stress and ensure you a smooth passage through the immigration and baggage handling process; stress free travel to and from your Pilgrims’ Commander responsible for your road journey.

Manned Guarding
Sometimes, we all need guards we can trust; let us help you protect your assets with our quality guard force. We pride ourselves on the standard, performance and supervision of our guard force and will help you effectively protect your business and assets from harm in a cost effective and sustainable way.

Risk Management Consultancy
Whether it be a review of existing security measures or a security threat and risk assessment we all need to know the risks we face and what we could do to manage those risks. Let our experts give you the knowledge to make informed decisions on how to protect your assets.

Embedded Consultants
There may come a time when you need the support of subject matter experts but want to avoid the costs of direct hire. Whether it be a facilities manager or a security manager or advisor, our subject matter experts can help provide you a cost-effective solution without the cost of additional employees.

Technical Security Services
While technology is not the “Golden Bullet” to solve all your risk management needs it can significantly reduce your dependence on fallible human resources (guards). Our technical team can help install and maintain a wide range of security systems to support your business and risk management needs.

Tracking Solutions C-TrackTM
Increasingly, knowing where our key assets and personnel are is becoming important, and for valuable assets increasingly so. Let us give you the peace of mind of knowing where all your vehicles are all the time, confirm how they are being driven and help recover them in the event of an accident or theft.

Training Services
Managing and responding to an incident or crisis is becoming a necessary life skill. We train our staff to respond to such events. Let us help you train you, our staff and families to be prepared for the unexpected.

Marine Security Services
Piracy off-shore and criminal activities in coastal and inland waterways are an all too common aspect of maritime life in Nigeria and the Gulf of Guinea. Maritime security needs specialist support and vessels. Let us, and our associates, provide that support to ensure your maritime assets do not become victims of piracy.


Please note that service was just perfect. Thank you so much!!!
Commander Chucks was simply amazing!!!
Thank you all VERY much!
September 17, 2018

Yassine Herraz

“Service is okay.”
September 2018

Solomon Makinde

“We felt very happy and safe. Excellent service.”
September 2018

Mr Sifiso Nzimande

“Always prompt when called upon for services.
Am very fine with the services received.”
September 2018


“Guys did a great job and are currently
working on another job”.
September 2018

Mr Kolde