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The danger is always lurking around as sure as night and day. Regardless of the changing seasons, certain things remain the same. The exact spot you left moments back without getting hurt might witness some accidents or even deaths the next moment.

Food or drink poisoning doesn’t just exist on the pages of the news.


These sad and troubling occurrences actually happen to people. And the unfortunate thing is there are instances where people don’t live to tell the story. The goal of the blog is to further make you aware of personal security or safety measures in the hope that some of these tips will be applied in your everyday living.

Here are some other key ones worth noting.

  • Always ensure you watch the entry and exit points of your house while indoors by shutting your doors at the appropriate times.
  • Don’t tell everyone your movement at all times. Only ensure family members and trusted friends know your whereabouts per time
  • Do not leave your drinks casually open when outside. If you have to leave temporarily ensure you have someone you trust to watch over your drink for you while away. Alternatively, take your bottled water or drink with you if you can
  • Always keep proper watch over your belongings per time
  • There are instances when the fastest route to where you are heading isn’t the safest. Always ensure your safety is considered first and not only the proximity of a route to your destination.

There are actions that threaten your personal security or safety. The advice is to imbibe habits that contribute to your safety or personal security and shun the ones that can put you in difficult and dangerous situations.

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